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Classic Stringfest book + CD-ROM

Mary Cohen

Classic Stringfest is a wonderful collection of melodies by famous composers, imaginatively arranged for flexible string ensemble. The volume includes all time world-favourites including Ode to Joy, Spring from The Four Seasons and 'Largo' from The New World Symphony. Each piece includes duet parts (grade 2-3) that can be used independently as well as very simple parts for the absolute beginner and optional piano accompaniments. 'Classic Stringfest' comprises a piano score and an Enhanced-CD of printable string parts for each instrument with additional audio files.

€ 32,40

Fiddle Fiesta

Chris Allen

The Fiddle Fiesta became an important annual event for Bedfordshire Music Service at least thirty years ago and was the brainchild of a highly individual lady called Barbara Cann. The main purpose of this was to give less experienced string players an opportunity to play in a large ensemble; these young players were helped on such occasions by more senior students who were already experienced in ensemble playing, perhaps in one of the youth orchestras. What began as an isolated event soon spread to many schools and nowadays ‘Fiddle Fiestas’ take place in numerous venues across the county every year, usually during the summer term. This suite of short movements borrows its title from these annual events and is aimed at being performed under similar circumstances. Each of the five parts (violins 1 & 2, violas and/or violin 3, cellos and basses) exists as part ‘a’ and part ‘b’, part ‘b’ being a simplified version of part ‘a’ such that the piece can be played by virtually any combination of available players, albeit with some loss of detail when played predominantly with parts ‘b’.

€ 30,40

Fun Pieces: Space Stringpops


Space Stringpops' is designed to provide enjoyable, yet worthwhile study for the intermediate string player. Within each piece is a different musical ‘episode’ to stimulate the imagination. The player is taken on a complete musical journey starting from ‘Mission Control’ and ‘Chromatic Countdown’ into space where various cosmic adventures await.

€ 15,60

More Tunes for my String Orchestra

Sheila Nelson

Partitur und Stimmen - je 3 Violine I/Violine II, 2 Violine III, 2 Viola, 4 Cello/Kontrabass (zus.) - Streichorchester.

€ 40,75


Sheila Nelson

Octotunes ist das neueste Projekt der Lehrerin, Schriftstellerin und Interpretin Sheila Nelson, Autorin der preisgekrönten "Elementaren Streichermethode". Die kurzen, einfachen Spielstücke können dank ihrer variablen Besetzungsmöglichkeiten – Solo-Violine, Violin-Duo, drei Violinen, zusätzliches Cello, Streichquartett, jeweils mit optionaler Klavierbegleitung – im Einzel- wie Gruppenunterricht verwendet werden. Außerdem eignen sie sich wunderbar als Aufführungsstücke.Octotunes bietet jungen Anfängern auf einem Streichinstrument wichtige Erfahrungen im Ensemblespiel. Es schließt sich an das Ende von Buch 1 der „Elementaren Streichermethode“ an, ist aber auch ganz unabhängig von dieser Schule in jedem Instrumentalunterricht einsetzbar. Gut zu spielende Tonarten (A-Dur bzw. D-Dur), einfache Rhythmen (Achtel- und Viertelnoten, Viertelpause, Halbe sowie punktierte Halbe) und gängige Metren (3er oder 4er Takte) sorgen dafür, dass die Stücke nicht zu schwer sind, so dass sich die jungen Spieler ganz auf das Zusammenspiel konzentrieren können.Octotunes trainiert außerdem die Fähigkeit, vom Blatt zu spielen. In einem ersten Schritt werden die Schüler dazu ermuntert, die Melodie unabhängig von der notierten Tonhöhe zu singen und dadurch zu lernen. Anschließend wird die Melodie in der notierten Tonart und unter Beachtung der angegebenen Dynamik und Bogenführung gespielt.

€ 21,55

Sonate nr.5 B-Dur


3 violoncelli/contrabas

€ 38,95

String Time Joggers Teacher Pack book + CD


This exciting series by the authors of Fiddle Time, Viola Time, and Cello Time provides great new ensemble material for all string groups, whatever their size. The fun and characterful pieces are each scored in either two or three parts, for any combination of violin, viola, and cello; a double bass part is also provided. The flexible scoring means that pieces can be played by any number of players, from one instrument and piano to a full string orchestra, with all combinations in between. An accompanying CD features performances and backings for all the pieces. Topped off with witty illustrations, String Time is a must-have for all those looking for imaginative and enjoyable ensemble repertoire.

€ 31,45

Tango for Strings


Easy-to-play pieces for string orchestra or string quartet

€ 22,20

Tanz Suite (Dance Suite)


€ 9,90

The Ensemble Collection 2: 6 Pieces for 2 violins, viola (cello) and piano

Partitur und Stimmen - P/ST - 2 Violinen, Viola (Violoncello) und Klavier. Diese kurzen Stücke in verschiedenen Stilarten sind in jeder Stimme melodisch interessant gestaltet und sind für Schüler mit vergleichbarem technischen Können und ähnlicher Spielerfahrung gedacht. Die Stücke sollten ohne große Hilfe eines Lehrers zu bewältigen sein und eignen sich als Bereicherung des kammermusikalischen Repertoires gleichermassen für kleine Konzerte oder lockeres Zusammenspiel im Freundeskreis. Inhalt: - Nocturne - Barcarolle - Romance - Melodie - Waltz - Russian Dance

€ 21,60

The Violinists of the Pieta, a Tribute to Vivaldi, intermediate level (stringsets serie)

Huws Jones

€ 30,00

Thirteen Easy Pieces


Thirteen easy pieces for children's string orchestra (first position)

€ 36,90

Together from the Start

Sheila Nelson

3 violen en cello

€ 19,15

Tombeau de Monsieur de Lully


2 violen/gamba/basso continuo

€ 14,70

Tschaik Six (Best Bits)

€ 24,40

Variationen Über ein Thema von Händel


€ 15,00

Welcome Suite intermediate level (stringsets serie)


€ 30,00

Winds and Waves, Dorian Prelude


€ 21,00

Zwei Walzer für Streicher


€ 18,00

14 Easy Pieces


The volume in this popular series contains little character pieces and dances (Heroic ballad, Lullaby, Peasant song, Religious song, The Suitor's song, Solveig's song, Peasant dance, etc.), most of which are transcriptions of piano pieces. As in the case of the other volumes in the Leggierissimo series, these works scored for a junior orchestra consisting of 1st, 2nd and 3rd violin and cello can be played in the first position.

€ 36,90
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