Relax with Romantic Piano

Instrument Piano
Bezetting Piano solo
Artikelnummer ED 13851

Part of a new series of piano music books edited by British concert pianist Samantha Ward, and designed primarily to be played at home, simply for pleasure. 

Selected for their relaxing qualities, the pieces in this volume range from well-known classics to delightful lesser-known gems. Featuring arrangements of pieces from the Romantic period, the collection is of easy/intermediate level so a competent amateur pianist will have little difficulty in mastering the pieces.

'RELAX WITH' SERIES - press reviews

"For those ... who now want to sit down and play the piano of an evening – purely for relaxation and personal satisfaction – these books brilliantly hit their target. They provide a huge range or wonderful music, and the selection of pieces included is near perfect. ... these books so brilliantly meet the demand expressed by so many of my teenage and adult students for beautiful music that can be enjoyed for enjoyment’s sake." - PIANODAO.COM



R. Fuchs: Sad at Heart
E. Granados: Dedication
A. Dvorak: Album Leaf
R. Schumann: A Little Study, op. 68/14
F. Chopin: Prelude E minor, op. 28/4
F. Burgmüller: Lullaby´, op. 109
J. Brahms: Waltz, op. 39/15
P.I. Tchaikovsky: Sweet Dreams, op. 39/21
J. Brahms: Lullaby, op. 49/4
F. Chopin: Prelude, op. 28/6
E. Grieg: Arietta, op. 12/1
R. Schumann: From Foreign Lands and People, op. 15/1
F. Chopin: Mazurka G minor, op. 67/2
I. Albéniz: Tango
E. MacDowell: To a Wild Rose, op. 51/1
H. Hofmann: In the Evening, op. 88/2
M. Mussorgsky: Il vecchio castello
P.I. Tchaikovsky: Dance Arabe
F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy: Songs Without Words, op. 30/3
J. Senfter: Ernste Gedanken
M. Reger: Evening Song, op. 17/11
A. Scriabin: Prelude, op. 11/5
M. Mussorgsky: A Teardrop, op. posth. No. 18
B. Smetana: Chanson, op. 2/2 -X. Scharwenka: Barcarolle, op. 62/4
F. Chopin: Waltz, op. 69/1
F. Chopin: Raindrop Prélude, op. 28/15
F. Chopin: Waltz, op. 34/2
F. Liszt: Kleine Klavierstücke (S192/2)
J. Brahms: Intermezzo, op. 117/1
F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy: Songs Without Words, op. 19/1
F. Liszt: Consolations No. 3
E. Grieg: Morning Mood, op.ö 46/1
J. Brahms: Intermezzo, op. 118/2
P.I. Tchaikovsky: Autumn Song, op. 37/2

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